Anonymous said: i can ship zayn with anyone but hell no way i'd ship him with liam , i like liam but this's kinda disgusting , i mean zayn's gay ? you have to be blind to think so hahahahha .


I’d slap youbut that might be considered animal abuse . 

Anon got TOLD!

You sail that ship, fellow Ziamphile. SAIL IT!


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For what it’s worth, I did provide a disclaimer.


But I do apologize if your dash was inconvenienced in any way.


vencano said: where can I watch hannibal that's not netfix cause I want to put myself through the pain of this show.

Ah! Mon ami, I am sorry, but I have been watching the series as the episodes debut on NBC. I have not seen it online before :(

However: I did recently stumble upon a Masterpost that included links for the individual episodes (along with many other Thomas Harris goodies). I have not tried any of them out, but perhaps they will work for you? Eh?

Masterpost Link!

Bon appetit ;)

P.S. If any of my followers know a better site/method for viewing, please let us know!


Anonymous said: Are you really going to write a fanfiction about that comic book store Sabriel AU?

As much as I would like to, I am probably not going to get around to it for a very long time, anon. I have several long term, multi-chapter fan fics underway over at a03 and I just wouldn’t feel responsible starting a new fic until I finished the old ones.

But wow! Kudos for finding that post. And I’m going to assume that you’re a fellow Sabriel shipper, in which case: Brofist!



Anonymous said: omg, now I feel bad lol. Post whatever you want you charmer.



Thank you for the love, anon!

I would like to take this time to reiterate that I hope all my followers feel free to message me if they disagree with me or feel as though I have done something offensive or distasteful. 

I admit that I am a fallible human being who is not above correction. I welcome any and all commentary or criticism that is given in the interest of sparking debate and discussion. I may not agree with you and you may not agree with me…but the most important thing is that we try to listen to each other, right?


Anonymous said: honestly, the hobbit fan art is really fucking creepy


Whaaaa? Which one, dear anon? I didn’t think this batch had anything objectionable in it…My apologies if you were creeped out. ’Twas not my intention to do so :(


Anonymous said: what does loo-loo mean?

Bathroom-Bathroom? Reiterated British slang?

You’ve got me, anon. Any additional context?


callmejude said: holy shit you totally do look like Zachary Quinto aldjkas

What!? No. Stop it! You’re not serious….adaskdfds

Unofficial count that I’m not counting is now four. Four people who think I look like Zachary Quinto based on my profile pic. 

Bwaa ha ha


Anonymous said: hello has people tell u that ur looking like the man from heros? :]

Anon, are you messing with me!?

Seriously though! Are you talking about Mr. Zachary Quinto!!!? The guy who played Sylar on Heroes?

If so, then um, this is kind of embarrassing to admit..but yes! I have had two former anons mention that I bear a resemblance to that lovely lovely man.

I’m really genuinely taken aback by the notion that three sweet strangers think I look like my hero, ZQ. Zachary Quinto is the bomb-diggity and, although I still don’t think I hold a candle to him in any regard, to be told that I resemble him is a tremendous treat.

Thank you, Anon :D