Teen Wolf Fic Help?

I’m writing a Harry Potter AU fic featuring Teen Wolf characters and I need some sorting hat suggestions for the B-List Wolf Pack Members: Erica, Boyd, and Issac.

Also, I have little knowledge of those characters since I missed several eps from the start of S2. Any advice for how to maintain their voices? Any helpful descriptors? Sassy, Angry, Bitchy, Helpful, Authoritative? I think Issac edges more on the gentle side, and Erica is sensual with notes of melancholy. No idea how to write Boyd. Assertive? Direct?



oh, i feel like laughing
all because of you

Merlin’s gaze dropped to Arthur’s horse, no longer able to maintain eye contact.

“Merlin?” Arthur asked tenderly, “Merlin, what’s wrong? Is this too much?” Arthur was talking about the ceremony, of course. He needed to publicly court Merlin, if they were really to be together. 

“No! No…” Merlin replied, the cheer of the crowd making his knees weak, “It’s just, well, I’d never have excepted, you know, growing up where I did, with my mum that I’d-“

“That you’d have a royal prince jousting for your hand in marriage?”

Merlin blushed and looked up, nodding slightly, a bright smile crawling across his face. His eyes twinkled against the silver shine of Arthur’s armor. The roaring of the crowd faded in the back ground. At that moment, it was Arthur and Merlin, prince and servant, lover and lover. 

Arthur coughed and pulled the reins of his horse.

“Well, Merlin,” Arthur confessed, horse treading off to the crowd, “You do have a knack for being an idiot.” Arthur shook his head, a small laugh escaping his lips. “Does it really surprise you that you were wrong?”

Arthur raised his lance, a blue circlet of flowers hung from the tip. The crowd burst into a large applause and all the eyes fell on Merlin.

“Do you accept?” Arthur yelled, letting everyone in the stadium hear. In that instant all of the talking stopped, and the world was silent. Merlin hesitated for a second, looking to Arthur, then to the crowd, then to Arthur.

“Merlin… do you accept my hand in marriage?”

“Yes, Arthur, Yes. I do.”

Camelot’s Best Husbands…

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FS says: Fan fiction is one of those guilty pleasures of fandom that people pretend not to know about, or read, much less write. But its been done for ages from Hellenistic Greek Tragedy to the first of the Sherlock Holmes pastiches (did you know that Mark Twain wrote one?)…

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Alphabet Drabbles: Sabriel


With guest appearances by Destiel and some brotherly love!

Kitty got some not great news this eve, and while one of the concerns isn’t solved right yet, I have faith it can be. The other stuff, well… Come what may.
But in typical ME style, my idea of cheering her up was to send her the letters of the alphabet, and ask for one word for each of them. And then I wrote a drabble for each word.

So, this is for Kitty, to give her a smile, because she can use one, once again (just when things were getting better). But it is for everyone to enjoy.

I will warn that there is some R/NC-17 material going down in here, so, uh, proceed at one’s own risk.


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These are too lovely. Best Sabriel Drabbles EVER.


My personal favorites are: Gold, Laughter, Puppies (LORD that was the longest LOL session I ever had), and of course, Zilch.

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 #erik  and charles decide to take the kids to an amusement park to give them a  break from training and while charles is originally opposed to the  idea, erik always does insist that if charles doesn’t let himself have a  bit of fun every now and then that he’ll go prematurely bald, so erik  and the kids wear him down until he gives in, and when they get there  the kids go running off to do their own thing and erik and charles  wander around the park for a while until erik suggests that they ride a  roller coaster, and charles is really reluctant to get on and acting all  evasive and stuff, and then erik realizes that charles is afraid of  roller coasters, so he’s like ‘you big dummy there’s nothing to be  afraid of, the tracks and cars are made of metal, i’ll make sure you’re  safe’ and charles feels a little foolish and embarrassed but he also  secretly loves it when erik gets protective so he reluctantly agrees and  firmly adjusts his hat to give himself something to do as he says  ‘alright erik, i’m trusting you not to get us killed’ while trying not  to mentally project to erik how turned on he is right now #JAMES you dashing creature #it’s like your face has one singular setting and it’s DASHING #i’ve got this problem now where every image of james or fassy i see is automatically placed in the context of a fic or au #for example #THE END #cookies for you if you actually read that #addicted to tags

"All the World’s a Stage" (My Attempt at Supernatural / Glee Crossover Fan Fiction - Prologue)

“All the World’s a Stage” - Prologue

Rating: PG-13? There’s some violence later on, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t see on an episode of Supernatural. Nothing sexually graphic either.
Length: Work in progress
Pairing(s): In total, the work will primarily focus on Dean/Castiel and Sam/Gabriel. The prologue is all John/Mary. Eventually there will be some Blaine/Kurt (sort of), Rory/Sam (just barely), Brittany/ Santana, and maybe a little Fin/Rachel. Possibly Bobby/Sue too.
SummaryZachariah and Meg find two new vessels for Michael and Lucifer in the form of McKinley High School students. Sam and Dean must infiltrate the Glee Club (with the help of some faerie magic) in order to gather clues, save lives, and stop the Apocalypse once and for all. Featuring Songs by The Carpenters, Death Cab for Cutie, Jackson Brown, Lucy Wainwright, Nina Simone, Jakob Dylan, Britney Spears, and Rufus Wainwright. 

Note: Image above adapted from artwork by the lovely and talented Euclase!

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Shipping Cameron and Ferris so hard right now…
Oh look! Fanfics!
Moonlight - Sweet, but unrequited!
Jeanie’s Night to Learn - Ferris’ big sister has a heart-to-heart with Cam. MUCH more hopeful.
Walking on Water - Little Cam and Little Ferris! Awww!

Shipping Cameron and Ferris so hard right now…

Oh look! Fanfics!

Moonlight - Sweet, but unrequited!

Jeanie’s Night to Learn - Ferris’ big sister has a heart-to-heart with Cam. MUCH more hopeful.

Walking on Water - Little Cam and Little Ferris! Awww!

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Jewnicorn Master Post

Your one stop shop for all my Jewnicorn related fanworks…

(Posted especially for my new Tumblr friend, and fellow Jewnicorn, merlinsboytoy.)

"Jewnicorn This Way" - Born This Way Song Parody

"Bad Program" - Bad Romance Song Parody

"Back to School" - My Glee/Jewnicorn Crossover Fanfic

"Top Five Dream Merchandise Items for The Social Network" 

Mixtape for The Social Network

What’s that? Shameless self-promotion you say?


Writing for Sue Sylvester is my favorite part of composing Glee fan fiction…

Right now I’m doing a Supernatural / Glee crossover fan fic and I’m trying to come up with nicknames that Sue might give the boys.

I’ve got down “Precious" for Sam and "Spongebob Squarejaw" for Dean. Thoughts? Alternative ideas?

Precious is a dig on Sam being more effeminate because he recognizes some showtune lyrics in the story. Squarejaw is just a dig on Dean’s rugged features.

Yes? No? Maybe?


I would totally pretend to be interested in football just so I could hang out with Jared Padalecki and “watch the game” (re: watch Jared watch the game).

And it would go a little something like this….

Jared - Did you see that interception?!

Me - Do you have any contra-ception?

Jared - What?

Me - It doesn’t matter. We’re both dudes. I mean…nothing. I said nothing

Jared - (turns back to TV) Oh wow! Look! They scored a touchdown!

Me - (glances at Jared’s pants) I wouldn’t mind scoring a touch…down there.

Jared - WHAT?

Me - What?

Jared - (stares at me)

Me - Ohmigod. Look. At. That. We are out of pretzels. Funny coincidence there, huh? You, me, and this big empty bowl that was previously occupied by some salty, salty pretzels. Make a man thirsty, don’t they? But thirsty for what?

Jared - (tilts head in confusion)

Me - I suppose there’s only one way to…to find out.

Jared - You- you know that I’m straight, right?

Me - Does that mean you don’t- (glances downward) that you don’t want any more- “pretzels?”

Jared - I think I’m good.

Me- (blushes with shame)

Jared - But thank you very much for asking. (flashes me a large smile)

Me - (nods head) You are ever the class act, Padalecki. I really appreciate that.

(We toast, drink, and then look up toward the television)

Me -(points to screen) Now, why are they doing that all over again? What - what just happened?

Jared - It’s a penalty. They’re replaying the down.

Me - Oh…

Jared - See, some penalties give an automatic down. Okay, this is where it can get a little confusing, see…

Voice of James Earl Jones - And so, David and Jared Padalecki watched the rest of the football game together and enjoyed each other’s mostly platonic company. And they all lived happily ever after…once Jared gave David his personal email address and David made sure not to abuse the privilege like some crazy, psycho fan-bitch.

Did I just Mary Sue myself into a mini fan fic?

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